American Revolutionary War Facts

American Revolutionary War Generals Facts

General George Washington
George Washington
When it comes to American Revolutionary War Generals who do you think of? Certainly any kid who has ever opened a history book would mention George Washington and perhaps Nathanael Greene or Benedict Arnold; however few people realize there were over seventy Generals in the Continental Army and over 100 commissioned by the thirteen colonies as militia generals. Some of these generals were excellent military leaders while a few others, usually given their rank due to social status instead of their ability, were incompetent. On this page you will find a list of many of these Revolutionary War Generals along with a short description of each. There will be links to additional interesting facts about many of these important commanders. Discover who these generals were, what battles they fought in, and how some of them became famous.

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Introduction - American Revolutionary War Generals

It should be noted that there were 2 ranks of generals in the Continental Army, not including the Commander-in-Chief George Washington. These ranks were Brigadier General and ranking above that was Major General. It should be noted that in today's U.S. army there is also the rank of Lieutenant General which is higher than Major General. There were no officers with the rank of Lieutenant General during the American Revolutionary War; although George Washington did make this request several times during the war.

List of American Revolutionary War Generals