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Fort Ticonderoga which is situated between Lake George and Lake Champlain in upstate New York was regarded as strategically important by the Continental Army and the British. Who ever controlled the fort controlled waterways which could be used by the British for transporting supplies and launching attacks against the Americans. This fort, which was actually built by the French in the late 1750s, changed hands three times during the American Revolution. The title of this page, "Fort Ticonderoga Battle Facts", is not really accurate; as important as controlling the fort was it is a stretch to classify the military actions at the fort as battles. Below you will find two lists of interesting facts about how the Americans captured the fort early in the war and how and when the British regained it later in the war and were shortly thereafter forced to abandon it. As always our information is written for enjoyment by both kids and adults alike.

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Facts about how the Americans Captured Fort Ticonderoga in 1775

Facts about how the British Captured Fort Ticonderoga in 1777