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John Hancock is a man who is not only known for having the most prominent signature on the Declaration of Independence, but more importantly for becoming a greatly admired American Revolutionary War Hero and founding father of the United States of America. His father died when he was just a young boy and his mother sent him to live with an aunt and uncle who had no kids of their own and who eventually adopted him. As luck would have it they were extremely wealthy and he went on to inherit their fortune upon their death. His famous statement, "Let every man do what is right in his own eyes" during the Boston Tea Party, helped thrust him into the political spotlight. Throughout the years, many landmarks have been named after him. In fact, there are now ten states where a county has been named after him. The below lists of facts provides a short biography of John Hancock. This information written for both kids and adults includes why he is famous, what role he played in the American Revolution, and how Paul Revere helped him escape from the British.

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